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  • We Care

    These are times when our political leaders work to divide us and separate us by spreading lies and fears and hatred about different groups of people, instead of looking for true solutions to real problems. These are troubling times, when opinions are taken for facts, when talking points have replaced dialogue, when shouting is more important than listening, when corporate interests drown out people's needs, when ideology trumps reality, when respect has become weakness and when truth has become an afterthought.

    In times like this, it can be hard to feel hope and to see where change should come from. I believe, the starting point for change is to resist giving up and retreating, and instead stand firm by saying:

    I care. We care. Let's go...

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Guttempler in Deutschland

  • Erklärung des IOGT-Weltkongresses

    Der 69. IOGT-Weltkongress appelliert an die Regierungen, der Alkoholpolitik Vorrang einzuräumen und fordert eine Rahmenkonvention zur Alkoholkontrolle.

    42 Länder, 77 Delegierte und 320 Teilnehmer nahmen an der 69. Sitzung des Internationalen Weltkongresses teil. Gemeinsam gaben sie die folgende Erklärung ab:

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