IOGT International

19. November 2018

  • A Star Is Born And So Many Are Lost

    To me, it is obvious. We do not care. We exploit. In the name of fun. Entertainment. Even friendship. The lack of reflection in this area is alarming and harmful and it needs to change. We are talking about removing the stigma around (alcohol) addiction; we are talking about removing stigma about mental health problems, including substance use disorders but removing the stigma is impossible in this alcohol norm that glorifies the substance and completely ignores the harms of all the promotions, ill-concieved jokes, advertisments and endorsements...

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Guttempler in Deutschland

19. November 2018

  • Erklärung des IOGT-Weltkongresses

    Der 69. IOGT-Weltkongress appelliert an die Regierungen, der Alkoholpolitik Vorrang einzuräumen und fordert eine Rahmenkonvention zur Alkoholkontrolle.

    42 Länder, 77 Delegierte und 320 Teilnehmer nahmen an der 69. Sitzung des Internationalen Weltkongresses teil. Gemeinsam gaben sie die folgende Erklärung ab:

UNICEF: Kinder haben Rechte

19. November 2018